One ambition:

to make your brand succeed.


Bakerscape offers a different way to work from the traditional big agency. It is for those brand owners and managers who value strong package design expertise and creativity, who prefer an intimate team, who expect quick answers, and who want to get the ball rolling faster. You value superior strategic design skills that solve your critical issues, as well as efficiency, honesty, no-fuss, and serious dedication.

Bakerscape was started in 2010 by creative Gail Baker, after many years as lead designer and cd at some of Sweden's most renowned agencies. With 20+ years of experience specialising in fmcg, strategic branding design and production of consumer product range assortments, you will be in good hands. Welcome to a humble way of working.


Bakerscape is proud to have or have had these companies as clients since the start:

Q&A with Gail Baker

Q: How many packages have you designed?

A: I usually say about a thousand. In reality it could be many more-- but it isn't important. The goal is not in the quantity, but rather if work has resulted in happy clients, happy consumers and healthy brands. My goal for a brand is that it speaks to the right consumer right now. My goal for the client is that she/he will feel that I care about our interaction and want to strive for the same vision. These are soft values.



Q: Do you only design for FMCG?

A: FMCG is what I am known for and best at, there is no doubt about that. But the answer is: No! First, let me say that 90% of projects come in as a packaging project but evolve into further projects. Finding the core of the brand is precursor to designing the packaging. If we find that the core is not reflecting the values, we can expand the project into a brand study. This is often the case.


New packaging is strategic and often triggers the need to make a parallel shift for the brand in all tactical areas as well, so often we will look over the entire brand application and create an accompanying guideline for internal and external users.


It is also fully possible for companies to come to Bakerscape for visual identities without a packaging need. My usp, however, is in my ability to lead and create the right solutions for fmcg, fast-moving consumer goods-- from start to production.



Q: Is Bakerscape really an agency?

A: Despite the mini format, yes! It just so happens that many clients get one and the same person as account director, art director, designer, and production leader! That ability proves to be very much appreciated by experienced brand managers who need to keep tabs on their time and budget, and want an easier process than the traditional agency provides.


My background comes from working with some of the largest firms, and I have taken those processes that worked well and refined those that didn't. The business is driven on the same principals as any agency-- once you are a client, you can start future projects easily and can expect the same type of speed, quality and budget. Projects are from start to finish. Illustrators and photographers are taken in as in any other agency. And if we need to add more people to the team, those resources can be put into place.



Q: Do you follow a design process?

A: Yes, it is the same skeleton and proven method that is used in the field, regardless of the names that are given. To put it simply:  research, insight, ideas, design and visualisation, selection, revision, and production. And finally, launch and celebration!